KerStitch Designs Photo Prompts for Sketch Fest


These photographs are all copyright Kerrie E. Rusk/Kerstitch Designs. Artists have permission to use these as references however they like for Sketch Fest sketches/art and finished products resulting from those. Please do not redistribute photo files in any way.

As I am able, I will offer new photo prompts here for future Sketch Fests. Most photos are not of a quality suitable for photo-editing, but ones that I felt provided different position or scene references.

Credit for the reference, especially if it is a major component of a finished work, is always appreciated. Just link to any of my web sites listed below.

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May 2014 Prompts

Mr. Cat Wishing there was something to look at

Mr. Cat photo by kerstitch

Orange Stray

Mr. Cat photo by kerstitch

June 2012 Prompts (no longer active)

Mr. Cat I

cat photo by kerstitch

Mr Cat II

cat photo by kerstitch

Little Bluettes

flower photo by kerstitch

November 2011 Prompts (no longer active)

Cat Sleeping on Blanket

cat photo by kerstitch

Cat in Trees

cat photo by kerstitch

June 2011 Prompts (no longer active)

Cat Looking Up

cat photo by kerstitch

Close-up Cat Sleeping

cat photo by kerstitch

March 2011 Prompts (no longer active)

Upside-down Kitty

cat photo by kerstitch

Intense Cat

cat starting at something photo by kerstitch


heron photo by kerstitch

December 2010 Prompts (no longer active)


dog photo by kerstitch

Cat in Sun

cat sleeping in the sun photo by kerstitch

December 2010 Prompts (no longer active)


hawk photo by kerstitch

Cat on Beach

cat on beach photo by kerstitch

October 2010 Prompts (no longer active)


dragonfly photo by kerstitch

Cat with Asters

cat with asters photo by kerstitch

Echinacea Garden

echinacea garden photo by kerstitch

September 2010 Prompts (no longer active)

The Point

rocky point in Lake Erie photo by kerstitch

Barn Owl

Barn Owl seen at Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario from Skyhunters Birds of Prey

barn owl by kerstitch


Bi-coloured marigold blooms that I grew from seed in 2009.

group of bicolour marigolds by kerstitch

Falls with Rainbow

Edge of Horseshoe Falls as seen from the Canadian side, Sept. 2, 2010.

Niagara Falls with a rainbow by kerstitch

August 2010 Prompts - no longer active


rhino photo by kerstitch

Cat Hiding Behind Rhubarb

Wish this one had been in focus! :) But I thought it was still a cute position reference. The big leaf is rhubarb. The white flowers are Star of Bethlehem, I think. A spring-flowering bulb.

cat hiding behind rhubarb leaf photo by kerstitch

Bird Gang

Seagulls looking toward smaller bird.

seagulls and small bird photo by kerstitch

The Point

Rocky point near my house going into Lake Erie. I kept this one as a large file to keep more detail of the rocks.

rocky point in Lake Erie photo by kerstitch